The complex nature of large-scale transformation projects such as cost-cutting, restructuring, and quality improvement, necessitates the need for a cohesive vision and plan to focus the organisation on their overall objective. We view these transformations as journeys.

Like any journey, you need to plan and track according to its scope, complexity, and medium- to long-range timelines in order to get to the outcome or destination. Currently, many businesses do not have a proactive and innovative transformation culture, and thus their transformation journeys are not successful.

In order to successfully realise business transformation you need a robust transformation programme, which seeks to achieve and measure goals, like value management, innovation orientation, performance culture, customer focus, and operational efficiency. With a vigorous change management effort like this you will be able to focus on leading, aligning, and preparing your organisation for higher efficiency and better customer orientation.

Organisational Change Management (OCM) defines an organisation’s vision or future state, develops a roadmap to get from the current to the desired future state, establishes a plan to achieve the business value from the change, and manages and measures progress along the way to achieve desired business outcomes with both pace, certainty and agility.

The key benefits of OCM include:

·         Ensuring the value of the strategy is realized.

·         Regulating the pace of transformation.

·         Improving the certainty of outcomes.

·         Mitigating the risks.

·         Improving long-term strategic agility in the organisation.

It is imperative to take the people with along the change journey. Transforming the culture to enable the desired future state is key for success.

We urge you to consider and implement the points discussed in this article. If you are uncertain about how to get started or how to apply it to the specific challenges in your own organisation, please contact us ( and we will be happy to provide some further guidance.