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The risk of ignoring your Internal Customers.

Every organisation across every industry is concerned with their ‘internal customers’ and performance. Employees are often identified as the internal customers of an organisation because, while they are not typically the target market, they do ‘buy into’ the processes and systems which drive performance. For your organisation to perform at its best, it is crucial that you have in place people strategies which are in line with your overall strategy. A disconnection between these two is what stands between where your organisation is, and where it needs to go. For instance, you may be in the process of restructuring departments and divisions, attempting to standardise processes with new technologies, or expanding globally through acquisition or internal growth. Any of these changes have the power to bring about a misalignment between your people and your organisational strategies. This is why it is important that your change management be handled with the utmost care and understanding. ...

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How do you know if your Change Management methodology is up to the task?

In order to be successful in today’s fast-changing economic climate, organisations need to build upon change management competency. The fact is that business results are achieved when employees and management are well-equipped to handle future changes. It is therefore important that your business becomes adept at handling and adapting to change. Change Systems have augmented our change management approach and methodology, based on our practical experience in the market. Our approach and methodology is grounded on Prosci principles. We are a primary Prosci Affiliate in Africa. Why Prosci? Prosci is a world leader in change management research and is a torch bearer in business process design. It is also the principal provider of re-engineering, change management benchmarking information, and toolkits. Research behind the ADKAR Model In 1998, the ADKAR model was first published by Prosci and is now a well-known change management methodology which has been successfully adopted by businesses worldwide. ...

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