I am unbelievably proud to kick this communication off with the introduction of our new Change Systems website! After eight incredible years of being in business, we decided that it was high time that we took all the learnings and experiences, that we’ve had the privilege of accumulating, and showcase it through a refreshed digital image.

Change Systems has changed. Our life experiences have, in a manner similar to the treatment of leather, tanned and textured our approach and growth was inevitable – especially when I consider the impact that our international work has had on our perspective and energy.

Working in a global context has shown us that it’s important to keep the Big Picture in mind. Questions like: What is happening in the world economy? How can South African companies position themselves to benefit from growth in Asia? How can we learn from the West? How do we enable people to be more productive, more engaged and able to contribute, not by force but rather by removing obstacles and limitations on them?

Hand in hand with this is our focus on empowering businesses and their people to own and manage change, with tools and methods that develop change competence.

This is our philosophy: To assist and enable you to become better at managing the increasing amount of change that will come your way. With this in mind, I am pleased to announce that soon we will be launching products that are in keeping with this very philosophy and are being developed to help you implement strategic initiatives through your people.

The integration of human capital, organisational design and development came so naturally that I felt we had to embrace it. We are now delighted to say that we have the competence and experience to assist you with implementing your strategy through your people, from initiation to entrenchment.

There’s more news on our expanded service offerings to come, so look out for more information on our next wave of change!

Yours in change agility

Alice van den Berg